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Our wellness massages

Relaxing Massage


Stimulate, relax and invigorate body muscles to drain away toxins and emotional stress daily accumulated

                  60 minutes: 60.00€          90 minutes: 80.00€


« Well-being » physical recovery massage

Give back muscles elasticity, reduce injuries risk and stiffness

                                                           60 minutes: 60.00€

« Well-being » plantar refloxology massage

Give you relax and calm with the help of soft massage and pressure of arch of the foot

                                                           45 minutes: 50.00€

« Well-being » seated massage

Dressed massage in an ergonomic chair. Relieve stress, deliver power in the body

                                                           30 minutes: 35.00€

Indian cranial massage

Dressed massage in an ergonomic chair. Back, face and scalp.

                                                           45 minutes: 50.00€

Only by appointment

state-registered diploma beautician

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